After the last update, you appeared some new features and available and new additional with Vikings. But after the latest update, same-sex marriage became unavailable.

Games allow same-sex relationships, but outside marriage. Funs have made some mods where you can marry anyone you want. As the website Paradox said, with the new update, you won’t able to use it.

The Paradox claims, that this is not censorship, but technical problem compatibility the game with mods. The developers decided some problem with bugs, and the official answer read -

“We support the same-sex relationships, although to create you won story on our game — the important part of our philosophy”

Paradox has promised to fix this situation, although mods are not a priority for developers.

Euro Truck Simulation will get the ninth update. The company SCS Software declared a new update “The heart of Russia” which allow you to research the large territory in the world

The date of release is unspecified. DLC will arrears when the developers decide that it is finished. The creators claim that they will not show the entire territory of Russia because of its large size. Heart of Russia will allow visiting only the European part of the Russian Federation. Russia has long been on this list. In 2018 they add the update Beyond the Baltic Sea which introduce you to a north part of Russia

Сергей Буряков

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