The early access for real Vikings! The review Valheim!

The fashion for a survival simulator seems to be over. Surprise with familiar mechanics and changed only scenery is very difficult. But the studio Iron Gate as it should be for a real Vikings went ahead with the desire to demonstrate something new and they did it!

Valheim is a survival simulator, where the player must prove to the supreme god, Odin, that he deserves to fight him. To solve this, Odin sent players to the ten world calls like Valheim. The main goal is to defeat five bosses located in different locations. But how to defeat them the player decides himself.

It looks like a typical project from “early access “

Once there near sacrificial stones, the hero(gender, the color of skin, and hair you can choose yourself) meets the messenger the raven Hugina, which wants to teach us and explains the basic survival. Raven also reveals the main goal of the entire journey: to sacrifice five bosses of Valheim. Before that, you should get armor and weapons, as well as build a simple shelter, where you can wait for the night cold.

And that’s all. The gameplay time cycle looks quite so: you create all possible stuff and improve them for your current development, go to kill the boss on your current location will get new stuff, open a new area, explore it and repeat it all again. The distinctive feature of Valheim is its simplicity. The players don’t overload with a ton of terms, mechanics, and features, the player just gets fun and explores the world.

There aren’t broken legs, banding bleeding injury, and other elements of survival simulator. The stomach of the player has three cells for different types of food. If they are full the health point and stamina will increase until maximum level. If your character eats only meat that he will become strong, agile, and will fight for his life without rest, if he eats only vegetables you have to live with small points of health and burnt out after running. Nobody forbade you to combine the type of food, but you can’t eat three similar cell food our Viking is very moody.

In fact, it’s a very interesting journey

The extensive content may please you also. Spend more than 100 hours in this game is easy. There are 7 different locations with their features, landscapes, and enemies. The level of development there is a lot of: from a wooden baton to an iron sword and axe. An armor gives different bonuses and restrictions — the set from skin troll gives you 25% to invisibility, the hard an iron from bronze made slower on 25%.

The systems skill influence directly gameplay. Our skills develop in a similar scheme like in Elder Scrolls that you use that skill and develops. Do you often use a bow? Soon you will better off shooting more accurately at deers or at enemies. Cut down the entire forest? Then you will be good at fighting with an axe, and any tree will fall after two blows. The clear and simple system of development doesn’t distract from gameplay and gives you an idea of what your charapter is good at.

The combat system will similar if you played in Dark Soul before. There Is a simple hit, block, parry, and rolls over. In some weapons, there is an alternative attack — it is a hard and deadly blow but it opens the player to an enemy. Additional, there is a system of hidden attacks: if you sneak up from the back of the enemy you can kill them with one hit, as well parry attack or throw them off balance and make a double hit.

However, not every attack may decide in your direction. And in that case, your shelter will help you. At first, it will like a box, in which you can put a bed, chest, and hearth that will warm you during night cold. After the first attack on your house by enemies who destroyed it to the ground, you will want to fence the territory with a palisade and expand the shelter. The mechanics of construction are also is a very important part of Valheim — opens new materials.

And after 5–10 hours, the player will build a blacksmith shop and begin to get copper and tin from the oil field, smelting from them block bronze and create immortal weapons. And it’s only the beginning of your way. Incessant development that makes you play and play again. Only you’re bored and at this moment you’ve already found new materials, locations or an opponent, and in your head thoughts about what I can do with it/what is in that cave/how can I kill it and so on.’

A week after the release of this game on Steam the group of players had published videos about their journey on drakar to moving around with teleport gates. Research the world with friends it is not only faster but and funnies. Each player brings their own unique worth in the value to the group. However, don’t think if you play alone it’s a boring game — just to play in this project need more.

One more interesting thing it’s the physics of nature and nature phenome. You can’t surprise anyone with the simulation of wind, but to die from falling off a tree you can. The physic mode of the smoke which filling the room if you didn’t make a smoke extraction system which can kill you slowly but can — it’s something new! And more surprisingly that made on the engine of Unity.

And also I want to mention the great optimization and awesome graphics. Yes in this game use the system low-poly (low graphics) but mostly projects from ‘Early access’ have one big disadvantage — the bad efficiency on the bad pic. It’s very difficult for this game to meet drawdown FPS or the problems in a network. But to catch yourself thinking that the work has stopped and you just looking at the beautiful sunset or at the charming forest in the branches you see rays of the sun it’s not uncommon.


Yes, The Valheim doesn’t have photorealistic graphics, but nice “lolly poly” hides a large number of simple and interesting mechanics, a big layer of content, and things which able to make it fun. In what game about how to become Viking, so that was interesting and did not become boring after two hours? Hard to answer

Although the game is still in “early access”, you can go through the game from start to finish and never encounter bugs, just a few problems with your character’s interaction with some things, and an empty “Misty Land” location — it’s not finished yet. In the modern game industry, such a project would be asked the full price, while for the Valhaim they ask only 20 dollars for this small masterpiece.


Clearly and simple mechanics

There are a lot of contents

The adaptive system of abilities

The fighting system


The realistic physics

Ability to play with friends

The price

The optimization


Slow pace during the single-player game