Will Techland be absorber by Microsoft? The studio denies

On the internet, there is information about Microsoft’s desire to buy Techland. But the Polish company denies this.

The speculation begins with the blogger Jeremy Panter famous as ACG. In the recent episode of the podcast Defining Duke he stated, that corporation is preparing to take over another company after ZeniMax.

Another detail not disclosed, but an informer Nick Baiker with the nickname Shpeshal Ed stated, the goal of Microsft is Techland. About it, he wrote on Twitter.

‘I am almost sure that he (ACG) says about Techland and Dying Light 2’

About this message wrote some mass media, noticed he recently forecast come back the series of Perfect Dark and collaboration Embracer and Gearbox. But on social media employees of the Polish company have already denied it which answers on messages on social media.

‘The similar rumor went on the internet a year ago, and the situation doesn’t change’ Techland remains independent and has not to change the publisher’.